Thursday, May 26, 2011

Voodoo, Music, History, and Not Posting

Hi Everyone,

Yes I’m still here. Are you tired of looking at that dog? So much time went by that I had to let more time pass trying to figure out how I would jump back on. I decided no more thinking about it, just write. So I’m going to start with a series of ideas I’ve had the past few weeks; maybe I’ll get to write a post or maybe they’ll just be part of a list.

-my Dad’s (yes, he’s still recovering) recent adventure as an extra in a movie shot in a fancy glass house on Mulholland.

-going to the movie Bridesmaids with 5 girlfriends and two sisters. We actually screamed with laughter, stood up, and talked to the screen throughout the movie. We were completely obnoxious and brain-dead and had so much fun.

-the voice of the afternoon radio person Mee-shell Norris. Every single day, when I’m sitting in heavy traffic and my fuse is already low, she has pasty cotton-mouth, in addition to over-enunciating everything. I have battled myself about whether or not I should even bring this up. It seems so trivial, but come on! This has been going on for years. It’s not a one-time happening. Can someone please get that girl a glass of water?

-New Orleans! My visit with Mo and Ryan. I think I have to write a full post on this one, but here are the highlights: flying on the plane with Ridley Scott on the same day that I finished writing my script (short film) and then opening my magazine to a page with an ad for “Ridley Scott’s Character Project: A Series of Short Films”, arriving at midnight, the next day every single place we went we saw a person with a bruise on their face (like we were in the middle of a David Lynch movie), driving through the 9th ward where some of the houses have been rebuilt like boats on stilts, visiting the place where Mo and Ryan are going to have their wedding and meeting 3 aerialist acrobats who said they could perform at the party, feeling like an old lady and singing a song about it (our theme song through my whole visit), going to a bar with Mo and Ryan and their friend Sunny Dawn and singing karaoke for the first time EVER. Drinking coffee and eating chocolate and turning into an insane crack head while having a tour of the historic district. Going to Boot Camp at the Athletic Club in a Ball Room with Chandeliers, eating sausage-shrimp-alligator cheesecake…How much I love Mo and Ryan.

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