Friday, August 3, 2012

A Reminder

Yesterday I was having a coffee at an outside table in the city. I was thinking how I liked being around so many busy people, hustling and bustling. People getting things done. I don't live far from the city, in fact I could easily walk if I wanted too, but I'm far enough to feel out of touch, in both good and bad ways. I felt like a tourist, pining for the old days, taking in all that I've missed. Then I saw a guy winding his way down the street. Sometimes you can describe a person as wearing rags and what you mean really is that that the clothes are tattered and dirty, but this guy was wearing Rags; a part of the outfit looked like it might have been a cape at one point, everything was worn through with holes and falling off. I watched him make his way down the sidewalk and when he got to the trashcan, he placed a hand on either side of it (he looked like he was either going to pick it up over his head or make it magically disappear by casting a spell into it) and then he roared the most heated, rageful sound I have ever heard. He sounded like a tyrannosaurus rex.

I forgot about that sound.

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