Monday, March 24, 2014


Dear Person Who Wrote This All Over My Neighborhood,

I like your style. Did you resort to this after 100 phone-calls/letters/texts went unanswered? Or did you, right after you wronged Justine and in a moment of clarity, go straight to the spray paint store, buy a couple of cans and do what had to be done. Did you know how many of us would slow down when we saw this, maybe even circle back just to look at it again? Or say out loud, Oh, there's another one, and then think about you, and her, and what happened? Did you know that some of us would even think about all the times we should have said that but didn't? How a simple thing can be so difficult? Did you know we would wonder about your character, weigh the wrong against right, and hope that Justine, whenever she sees this, will forgive you.

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