Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Steely Dan

Over the weekend two of my brothers and one of my sisters and I took my Dad to see Steely Dan at an outdoor theater under the stars. This is the music that played on the stereo in my Dad's two seater race car when we'd drive to the beach down PCH. I was a teenager and sat in the front seat smoking a cigarette while three of the littler ones sat in the back bucket without belts. We'd all sing Is there gas in the car? Yes there's gas in the car. My Dad the loudest of all.

Flash more than 30 years forward and we're walking the old guy up the steps of the theater, one of each of us on either side. He sat in the middle, his chin raised so he could see the stage. We all sang out loud when this song came on, my Dad the loudest of all.


  1. My older brother turned me on to them as a child myself. I am now 47 he is 7 years older. My all time favorite band. I got to see them 7 years ago on my birthday in July at an outdoor ampitheatre in Palm Beach, Florida. Best Ever!!.I was following Juliette's twittering about the event!
    Awesome yall took your Dad! What a memory, right? regards, matthew.

  2. Thanks Matthew, yeah it was a lot of fun!