Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mean Teacher

                This is an old post from the time Dar and Harry were still going to the same school.

Darla and Harry have a teacher at their school who works in every classroom (K-6) with kids who have reading problems, but his main function, as I understand it, is to terrorize children who are being disruptive in the hallways. I get daily reports about how mean Mr. Mark is. How with a completely frightening expression he does the “I am watching you” gesture that DeNiro made famous, and without any humor at all refers to girls as “gentlemen” and says things like Come here Sirs while pointing and doing the “Come here” signal with the two first fingers of each hand.
You don't think he's trying to be funny? I ask.
Nooooooo, they scream/sing in unison.
Last night at dinner I overheard the following conversation:
Mr. Mark went to Lilah’s music show with his boyfriend.
What? I didn’t know Mr. Mark was gay.
Well he is. They were holding hands.
(both silently chewing and eating)
I thought gay people were supposed to be nice and happy and fun.
Maybe he’s only half gay.

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