Monday, April 23, 2012

Skipping School

Reasons I've Kept My Kids home From School
Legitimate Illness
Wanted to teach them about hookey
Bad Haircut/Highlight Job
Unfinished Homework/Project
Couldn't get a ride home
Big Pimple

Things I Did to Make the Time in Class Go Faster (5th grade)
Sharpen my pencil
Raise my hand and, when called upon, forget what I was going to say
Go to the bathroom (on the walk down the hall, place one foot directly in front of the other as though measuring the exact distance)
Watch the second hand of the clock
Crack my knuckles (or try to; I never figured it out)
Stare out the window and count the leaves on the maple tree
Pay attention

When I Realized That You Could Learn Things Outside of the Classroom On Your Own Time
3rd Year of College

Favorite Teachers
Mr. McGrath (8th grade english teacher made us memorize Chaucer)
Mrs Cammen (3rd grade teacher made us write a composition every day)
Mme. Pew (9th grade French teacher, pretty and nice, only spoke french)
Mrs. Lipinski (4th grade science teacher; taught us how to use a microscope)

Name of 11th grade History Teacher who read out loud to the class my exam essay as an example of the most horrible essay he'd ever read
Mr. Wrangham

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