Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spending Time in Stores

I noticed a couple having a loud awkward conversation in Target. It was awkward because while it seemed like they must have been married (there were kids hanging on to the cart) the lady was speaking in  the kind of voice you use with someone you've never met before. She was talking about sun tan lotion.

I always use 100 spf, although they say over 50 it doesn't count for anything. Why take risks though. I have fair skin.

I think I actually stopped my cart to stare at them. If they were really a couple, wouldn't he already know that she uses an un-necessarily high spf sun block. Certainly he'd have to know she had fair skin, wouldn't he? She was talking in a loud voice though, and she did have two small children, maybe she was just batshit crazy.

I have always liked going to the store with family members and friends, (not children though usually they are begging and it's too exhausting); you get to see whether they are efficient and speedy, reckless and sloppy, or confused and lost; how they talk to strangers; how they handle their money.

I am in stores every day it seems; the grocery store is so familiar it feels like it's mine somehow and while most of the time I just plod through, sometimes it's fun to set up a scene for yourself. Lately I've used this song as my grocery soundtrack. I just put on the earphones, imagine 3 or 4 helicopters circling the parking lot and go in.

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