Thursday, July 26, 2012


There's something both incredibly sweet and numbingly herd-like about standing in line waiting to go on a ride. If it's crowded and hot, it is a true test of spirit and a time when you might even make the mistake of trying to evaluate your life. You are part of a whole group of people trying to have fun. It feels strange. Sometimes if you go on a ride and it's amazing, you want to do it right away again. But it's never the same.

I remember going on a ride like this with two of my sisters and Mo except in my memory it was a zigzag vertical drop of about two hundred feet and we spun and descended like we were being flushed down an airport toilet. We all laughed so hard that no sound came out.

Sometimes I think that in our brains there are two buttons, one that says: this will not end well, and another that says: YAAAAAAYYYYYYY. In certain people, this is the same button.

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