Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things that get stuck in my craw

Every once in a while something odd will happen during my day and I worry feel like it's a sign. There's no possible way for me to figure out what that sign is of course but it gets stuck in my craw. (I don't know what a craw is)(Hold On) (Here, I just looked it up):
craw  (krĂ´)
1. The crop of a bird or insect.
2. The stomach of an animal.
stick in (one's) craw
To cause one to feel abiding discontent and resentment.

Here are a few of the things I'm talking about:

A homeless guy was shuffling down my street holding up his pants in the front. I looked at him and he locked eyes with me so intensely that he had to turn first his head and then his entire body to continue staring as he passed by me.

I met a girl from France who looked like a young version of my mother and then I saw her a few days later in a crowd at Six Flags. We waved and kept walking.

I saw a ghost.

There are more, in fact as soon as you notice one, others keep cropping up:

I was thinking of an old boyfriend I haven't seen for 14 years and then I heard from him.

A few years ago I started writing something; I wrote a few pages and titled it but that was as far as it got. Recently I started working on it again and in a week have noticed the title on a bumper-sticker, graffiti and someone's tattoo.

Does this happen to you?

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