Thursday, February 23, 2012

Manhunt Manhunt Wacka Wacka Woo

Occasionally the cops come into the woods where I walk the dogs and give tickets to people who don't have their dogs on leashes, i.e. EVERYONE. We have an alert system though and word spreads pretty quickly. Cops in the Woods! Cops in the Woods! Someone does a whistle/scream eeeeeooooooeeeee, dogs bark and you hear the urgent sound of people running through leaves and bushes.

One of the cops'  walkies goes off ("502 on Echo Park Ave. Over").
"Bacon Near Effie Street Entrance!"
"I see him!"
"Right There."

More running through leaves, twigs snapping, then silence. I am crouched behind a rock, trying to breath quietly. My dogs stare at me, they are open-mouth smiling. They love this!

I think of the cops training at the Academy, jogging through obstacle courses and lifting weights; I think of them taking written exams about history and law, learning second languages and studying the psychology of emergency situations. My dog smacks his lips and goes back to panting/smiling, ready and eager to take off into a full run at any second.

These cops are not prepared for this.

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