Wednesday, November 27, 2013


                       Can you guess who this is?

I found this link of historical photos that have been colorized and it made me think of a few things. First it made me think of how all the photos in history books should be both black and white, because they look beautiful, and color, because it makes the past seem less far away, less strange, and less like it will ever happen again. That guy up above, Charlie Chaplin, made me think of the history of entertainers. It used to be that performers: actors, clowns, singers, dancers were the mouth-breathing, tongue-chewing fringe people (as my long-lost cousin Holiday lovingly refers to our ancestors). Never mind that he's beautiful, that's just the luck of the draw, look at Charlie's big head/little body! He's a perfect example of that type of impoverished, inbred oddball. Entertainers: we loved, worshiped and elevated them and forgot that they were just hillbillies who had sex with teenagers. It doesn't seem fair that we judge them so harshly.

But I also thought: what are the differences. Look at this gorgeous couple for example:

I mean they are living in a homemade tent and he's wearing filthy pants, but he still had time to carve out that mustache and comb his hair. Would that happen now?

What do you think? (There's something to talk about at the table tomorrow).

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