Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Already in The House

Conversation between boss and assistant.

B is lounging on couch in the office. He is looking at his phone, scrolling through.
A is sitting at a desk opposite.

A- We need to go over the schedule for next week.
B- Uh-huh.

B continues scrolling, absorbed.

A- Hello?
B- Sounds good. I'll be there.
A- Are you looking at vaginas again?
B- Yep.
A- Geez.
B- You will never understand.
A- Actually I understand completely.
B- Actually you don't have a clue.
A- (exhausted sigh) Can we just do this schedule.
B- They are endlessly fascinating.
A- True, but not why you're looking, don't kid yourself.
B- It's absolutely why I'm looking.
A- No, you're looking because you have to look, you don't trust your imagination.
B- I have a very good imagination.
A. Not what I said.
B- Same thing.
A- You probably do have a good imagination, but you don't like to rely on that. It's too flimsy, so you don't trust it. You need to see where you're going, that's why you're looking. It's the way you're built. Men go in. Women let in.
B- Not following.
A- Say you're going into a house. You need to see what you're doing. You need to get your keys. You need to find the keyhole.
B- I know where the keyhole is.
A- See? You do know that, but it doesn't matter to you, you still need the visual. A woman though, she doesn't even have to come to the door. She can be in the back room watching TV. "I'll be down in a minute". She doesn't need to see, because she's already in the house.
B- Mm-hm. (still scrolling) What's your point.
A- My point is you're not looking because you're "fascinated"; you're looking because you don't know how not to look.
B- (to himself) Interesting. (he turns the phone sideways; taps the screen)
A- Okay, I just emailed you your schedule. I'm leaving.
B- See you tomorrow.
A- Good night.
B- Yep.

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