Friday, February 14, 2014

Thoughts on Love

Do you remember those two little naked happy people with no genitalia that used to hold hands and have hearts floating out of some area around their bodies. They looked like they probably never had a conscious thought, a care, a worry. Probably no past relationships, anxiety, deep seated issues. They didn't drink or smoke or take drugs; come to think of it, can you be self-destructive at all if you don't have genitals? Can you really have any problems if you don't have genitals, I mean, aside from the huge obvious one? Above their heads it always said "Love Is...". The dotdotdot meaning: "think about this" or "see where this takes ya", but then at the bottom it would say something random and abstract and, let's be honest, fucking freaky.


If you were a child in the 70s, you saw these things everywhere: a patch on your jean jacket, a sour-cream jar (that was our family glassware!), a yellowing comic cut from the newspaper and taped on the fridge. It was never not weird, never not slightly inappropriate, always subliminal. No wonder we have issues.

Happy V Day.

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