Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Repost: If I was Hiring Someone This is The Interview I would Give

When you wake up, is it completely silent? How long before the inside of your head sounds like Grand Central Station on a Friday at 5? Do you drink coffee? Or do you drink tea? Do you make lists? And do you check things off until you're done? Or just keep adding and then roll it up like a scroll? Do you like to hit the ground running? Or do you like to dip your toe in the water first and go in slowly? Do you mind when you mix metaphors? Do you mind talking to people who do? When you like someone, do you approach him right away, or do you watch him from afar and dream about him? Do you put care and thought into your relationships with friends and family, or do you just leave them and come back, like they're spinning plates? Do you think you'd like to be friends with yourself if you you weren't yourself? When you have some kind of pain or sadness in your life do you try to find new ways to soothe it and make it go away, or do you repress it and keep on keepin on? Or do you just fumble and fall dealing with it the same way you always do? Are the words fumble and fall in a song? Do you know that song? Do you like to dance, or do you feel self conscious and silly? Do you know how to make things happen? Or do you surround yourself with people who do? And is that, in a way, knowing how to make things happen? Do you feel in control of anything? Or are you in a position where you have to rely on luck and good timing? Do you think that's how it is for everyone? Do you love easily, or are you suspicious, or an odd combination of both of those things? Are you always late, or always early? Is it easy for you to say what you like or don't like? Do you think if you are always late that it's because you're so busy? Or is it just a bad habit? Do you blame others for things that are your responsibility? How often? Do you forgive easily? Why is that? Do you get exhausted by endless questions or do you love them?

What would your questions be?


  1. Great questions, I always found the typical interview questions really boring and uninformative. This is a good way to switch things up

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  2. Thanks, I think so too. The "Tell me about yourself" query is hard to respond to sometimes.