Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Joyeux Anniversaire Mimi

Things genetically inherited from my mother:
olive skin
thin hair
small frame
weird eyebrows
good health

Things accidentally inherited from my mother:
loud laugh
the gasp
early riser
propensity for the dramatic
tendency to speak to a foreigner with a similar accent : (

Things inspired by my mother:
love of outdoors
love of eastern philosophies
love of food
ease in talking to strangers
ability to look at the sunny side
love of silence

Things not inherited accidentally or genetically from my mother:
small hands and feet
doing the same thing every day
liking strong coffee that tastes like diesel fuel
liking golden retrievers
the ability to meditate every day

Things that make my mother wonder if I am even her daughter:
Being rude
Ability to step over a pile of cat vomit without cleaning it up for 2 days
Ability to eat fruit and vegetables without thoroughly washing them first
Loud burping

Happy Birthday Meem!

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