Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feeding The Miniature Wolf

A friend of mine sent me a Cherokee story about a grandfather talking to his grandson about how there are two wolves battling inside of everyone. One of the wolves represents anger, sorrow, lies, jealousy, superiority, all things bad basically, and the other represents love, peace, joy, kindness etc. The boy says, Which one wins? And the old guy says, Whichever one you feed.

I love this story so much but just to give you an idea of the routes I travel inside my head, I want you to know that it made me think of (in no particular order) the following:
Duran Duran
Why is it easier to feed the bad wolf?
The Indian Chief in the old pollution commercial who looks at our trashed up earth with a tear in his eye.
I really need to stay positive and not criticize myself.
Drum Circles.
The sound of a tom-tom and a guy singing/chanting.
Two strong wolves battling while a miniature wolf runs around them in circles, giggling and hiccuping and farting.
Sherman Alexie, I love him.
Ok I only have one steak left, who gets it?

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