Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A few weeks ago we hired an unstable crazy person at work. Long story short, we fired him for being unstable and crazy. You can only overlook that kind of thing for so long. It’s weird how humans have had to civilize things like gut instincts; we say things like let’s give the guy a chance or well, he does have that intense eye contact thing going on and he never smiles but we need someone right NOW. Gut instincts don’t hold up in court either; you can’t say he just had this weird energy and he called me ma’am at the beginning and ending of every sentence even though he’s almost the SAME AGE AS I AM. It doesn’t go over well. In fact it makes “the authorities” give each other side- glances and call for the man in the white coat.
Just the facts ma’am.
Once, I interviewed a police officer who worked in the Canine Unit. His partner was a German Shepherd named Hunter and they worked together for five years. He said that in his assessment of suspects, Hunter was correct 100% of the time. Come on, I said, wasn’t there a time when he was depressed or a little pissed off with you, agitated from too much caffeine? He didn't answer me, just gave Hunter a side-glance and let out a sigh.


  1. I guess you're an excellent writer. You should keep it up and I know someday you're gonna make a big name for yourself.God bless!!!

  2. I love that picture - what an amazing sky!