Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awake! Judging The Person at My Door

Lately I talk to the Jehovah Witnesses when they come to my door. I didn't used to. I used sit or stand still like a statue until they'd leave my porch. Occasionally I'd answer and say go away, or something worse that I'm too ashamed to tell you. Anyway I don't do that anymore. Now I think all right, let's hear what you have to say, maybe it'll somehow be a sign, maybe it'll be a piece of the puzzle. This one girl has been to my house three times. She's probably about 25, has one side of her head shaved and wears a tiny nose stud, (not your typical JW in a dress from Sears with a church hat); she remembers my name, tells me she has been thinking about me, asks me if I've thought about our last convo. It's odd, I'm not going to say it isn't, but I like it; I can't help feeling maybe it'll add up to something big. The first time we talked about salvation; that kind of went in one ear and out the other. The next time it was Judgment Day.

What do you think about Judgment Day? she asked me.

I don't really think about it to be honest. (In my head I'm thinking, I'm not even sure I know what it is. Is Judgment Day the day you die, when the guy at heaven's gates has a look at your resume and decides if you get to come in or not, or is it one of those predicted kind of days when God comes down and Judges).

The girl is clearly reading my mind because, like a good teacher, she waits for me to go on, she waits for me to elucidate.

No one likes being judged, I say finally.

She raises her eyebrows and nods slowly but emphatically like I have just said something that has totally taken her by surprise. You are so right, no one likes being judged.

She takes out one of her magazines and gives it to me while she explains what really happens on judgment day and all the stuff about Christ being merciful. She reads me a few passages from the bible. I lean into the doorframe listening to her voice. None of the words really sink in but I'm thinking of all the stressful, sad, angry, frustrating things I could be doing, this is not so bad; I could listen to her all day.

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