Friday, October 12, 2012


                                                      Papa H having a little fun in the hospital
                                                      after a car accident. *

One of my posts was recently selected to be in a new, beautiful, glossy magazine that you can buy and leave out on your coffee table. It's called The Printed Blog and you can check it out here. It has incredible photography, great writing by "citizen journalists", and now me.

You can see another post in Sarah Brokow's blog, Fortytude, a site that includes stories by women in their forties (and older!) that are inspirational, informative and funny. Make sure to watch Sarah's vid that explains her own inspiration for her book.

And since we're talking about old folks, listen to this, and before you make fun and say it sounds the same as some of their other songs remember that the guy singing is in his 70s and a full-fledged granddaddy!!

* I found this photo on this website.

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