Wednesday, October 3, 2012

They Didn't Stand A Chance

I used the term enough is enough yesterday and had a flashback to all the things the adults in my life used to yell at us in utter exasperation.

Enough is enough

Don't get smart

I'll leave you here

Don't make me say it again

You better watch yourself

I'll call the police

I'm going to take off my belt

Someone's gonna get hurt

What did you just say

Yes I was listening. I didn't even know that I was, but I was. Somehow, whatever was being said worked its way into my head eventually. All I can say is, my poor Grandmother, she is the one who said most of those things. One of my favorites was "I'll crack ya". She always said it sort of to herself after yelling at us for one thing or another and it brought us so much joy she stopped saying it. We knew she would never raise a hand to us so the idea that she wanted to smack us so hard we would crack always left us giggling into hiccups. Poor Gram. Sorry for all that.

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