Friday, October 5, 2012

My Guy

I didn't just love the Live and Let Die theme because it was melodramatic and loud and thrilling; I loved it because of the guy the song was about. This guy. (Of course, I liked this guy too). My Grandmother's last name was Bond, it is my Father's middle name, so I not only felt we were related, James and I, but I felt he would protect me if the circumstances ever called for it. He knew where I lived and if he didn't, he would find me. That's the kind of guy he was. I loved him because he was strong and quiet and charismatic but mostly because he had a broken heart and persevered in spite of it.

I remembered all these things because yesterday I heard this song and then listened to it for 40 minutes on repeat while I was in the gym. The horns, the drama, the longing voice, the swells, and I remembered everything; let the sky fall, James, we will stand tall, you and I together, forever.

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