Wednesday, May 22, 2013


For the past few weeks Darla was in a play called Havana that was performed outside, at night, in a church courtyard, with a live Cuban band. It was not typical children's theater: Winnie the Poo or Snow White; it was a play about Communism, Fox News, love triangles, street orphans, and American celebutantes that the kids wrote along with their director. Dar played a CIA agent posing as an Apple executive at a cultural exchange conference. She used a cane that doubled as an assault rifle. Kids smoked real cigars*, drank mojitos**, and slapped each other full in the face. During the show, the Cuban police walked through the audience, and if you've ever been interrogated at the Sudanese border, then you got off easy. The way the one kid/cop stared me down I think he could tell every lie I've ever told. (Crime rates in Cuba are lower than almost anywhere because these guys do not mess around).  When I stuttered to answer one of his questions he laughed and spit at my feet. Then he asked if I was single!***

Oh and this guy, Bobby Matos, played in the band.

*not really
**come on
***he was 12

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