Friday, May 3, 2013

My Life Puzzle

I woke up with the words "Sit Down, Miss Lewis" in my head. They were spoken by an old English teacher as though I had just interrupted something very serious and sober with my sudden and crazy behavior. Sit down!  I don't know why but I was elated. I felt charged up and giggly. Is this a good sign? Or should I just make my reservation at the nearest mental facility right now.
Don't answer that.
I remember one time I woke up with the words "And the guy..." in my head;  just: and the guy- dot dot dot. The voice belonged to some drunken housewife circa 1953 who was talking to me from the corner of her mouth while swaying in the kitchen. Yes! The whole thing came to me just like that "And the guy..." (whiskey breath) (ice clinking in the glass). And the guy what? What did he do? I need to know. Who is this person? Is it me from another lifetime?
Maybe if I piece together all these sentences, they will add up to a story. And then I'll know everything.

I know I'm obsessed with this song and the singer but it's part of the soundtrack to something I'm working on. Send me links to more if you have any!


  1. I salute your Adele obsession--and as for the voices in your head--you better listen to them. They probably are more truthful and interesting than a lot of people you know. They are also better at telling stories.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I gave up trying to shush those voices a long time ago! : )