Friday, May 24, 2013

Matehualan Style

There's a guy in my neighborhood who wears these damn shoes. He doesn't wear them every day but what's the difference? If I see him now, out in the neighborhood, that's all I can think of. You can't just non-chalantly walk down the street wearing those things. Yesterday I saw him, and as he got close everything went into slow motion. Swinging arms slowly, one foot in front of the other slowly, heads turning slooowly. The speed picked back up as soon as we passed each other. 

Wait a minute. Whoa Whoa, whoa, come over here.
What's happening down there?
Just...(he shrugs and smiles, picks up one foot and then the other)
Tell me about those things on your feet.
My shoes?
Yeah, your shoes.
They're for dancing.
By yourself?
No, like, in a line.
I have to tell you something and I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I wouldn't dance with someone who was wearing those shoes.
Yeah, girls don't like them. It's for men.
I'd be afraid he'd get up under my skirt. 
Yes. What if he has a big long toe in there? 
No. It's not like that (he is laughing but he starts to walk away)
What if you're on a crowded bus?...How do you drive?...Do you have to walk everywhere?...Nice talking to you!

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