Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cold Morning

"Good morning everyone, time to wake up, get dressed and eat some goddam oatmeal," I flick the light switch and speak into it in the calm, pleasant, musical tone of a flight attendant, "Don't forget to make your bed and brush your teeth. We hope you've enjoyed your sleep, but it is now over and you need to get up or risk being late to school and start a pattern of irresponsible and undisciplined behavior that will haunt you your entire life and will prevent you from having fulfill-

MOM!, this from Harry. Dar is still asleep with her mouth open. If Mo was here, and if she had a loaded gun by her bed, she would've picked it up and shot me in the forehead without opening her eyes. 

"Thank you and have a beautiful day".

No one ever wants to play. : (

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