Thursday, December 19, 2013

Party Questionaires

I was invited to a party where I was asked by the host to tell something about myself that most people don't know. I thought of a few things: that I worked for a Private Investigator, that I was in a Bon Jovi music video, that I worked in a sleep disorder center where one of my job requirements was to run an impotency test where I measured penile tumescence while the patients went into REM sleep.
Is that weird?
But then I also kept thinking of people I have met that I haven't ever told anyone about:
A handless sculptor
A homeless concert pianist from a wealthy family
Desmond Tutu
My friend's dad who had a horrible stutter but who had the most beautiful laugh I ever heard
I wonder how much of what we do is not interesting until we tell someone about it and how much is less interesting for the same reason.

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