Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In my Room

When I was little I did not record my days on video and take photos of my friends and family, pets and self and post them on websites for thousands, possibly millions of people to see, but I wonder if I would be different if I had. Where would I be right now for example if I had posted a video of me dancing by myself in my room to this song, not dancing so much as re-enacting strolling through a park, smelling the flowers, waving to friends, minding my own business when I'm suddenly being chased by a crazy heroin dealer with a gun, running around my bed, jumping on it, doing front-hood-of-the car rolls across it, looking over my shoulder while being chased, shooting over my shoulder being chased, knocking over a lamp and yelling out "Nothing!" Dancing a little funky doodlio at around 1:21 and then really putting on the speed with the chase. And then at the 2:15 moment of the song sweetly raising my eyebrows like "I'm just livin and lettin em die, what can I say". Would I be on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel? Would there be 1000s of copycat vids done in my honor? Would people write about how creative and talented I was and start blogs called Fuckyeah Deird! and then other people write comments and tear me to shreads and try to destroy any spirit I had?

I wonder. Where would I be now?

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