Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Watching the Watcher

There's a fat bald dude who has been sitting in an amc pacer parked in my neighborhood for three days.  I'm pretty sure he's doing surveillance. I'm assuming it's for Carlos, though I suppose he could be doing a repo, or maybe serving papers for an eviction.
Hey Chunky, I see you.
I don't say that but I want to. Instead I just walk by with the dogs, giving him the stink eye.
Why am I like this? He's just a guy, doing his job, trying to serve justice.
It's creepy, that's why. He's like the bratty tattle-taler. The silent stalker. The sad lonely person with nothing better to do than watch someone else.
Uh...That's not me though! I am not you. I'm minding my own business. Walking the dogs. Protecting my people.
"Beat it pal. Go watch someone else's neighbor", if I was a real tough guy, or from South Philly, this is what I'd say. I'd walk up to his car, slap the hood a couple times, point my thumb in the opposite direction. "Yeah you.. Fuck outta here"
But I'm not. So instead I walk past him three days in a row, gathering steam, fueling my imagination.


  1. This isn't unusual, I'm always looking for any opportunity to be a character in my own movie. Part of what makes Life interesting.

  2. On a side note I do love his car o_O