Thursday, January 17, 2013

When a Lie is Revealed

At a certain point after the liar reveals his lie, you have to figure out what you're going to do with that information:

The Morally Superior
Fuck you.

The Confused
What,who, how?

The Denier
No he didn't.

The Crushed

The Reasoner
He had to
His parents ignored him
His parents spoiled him

The Shrugger
Who gives a shit

The Existentialist
What am I doing?
Why did I need to have this experience?

The Weighed Down

The Italian
You are dead to me

The Grandmother
I'm really disappointed in you


  1. I was a believer. Now I want him to pay me back for every second I watched him cheat his way to the podium. Grrr. AND it means the French were RIGHT! Double Grrr!

    Lurv your blog.

  2. I am the Grandmother.... Very very disappointed. This lie is a big one and unforgivable. So also Italian.... You are dead to me. :/

  3. Oh... Also I love your Blog! You always manage to make my day or make me think or make me remember! ;D

  4. Wow I love that this generated some comments! I wasn't just thinking about Lance though. Everyone lies, but not everyone is adamant about not lying. It takes a certain kind of pathology to be so duplicitous. I think lying for a long period of time requires almost as much energy as a bike race itself, that's why most of us are not good at it.