Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Groundwork Coffee

Dear Guy Who Works At The Coffee Shop,

  Thank you for always getting my coffee ready as soon as I walk in. Even when there is a long line. Even when someone else is about to help me. Thank you for noticing my new glasses or my haircut and for always being friendly, not in a phony or aggressive way, or in a creepy I-live-in-the-basement-with-shag-carpeting-and-a-video-camera way, but just genuine and kind like you're trying to hurry things along and have a connection at the same time. Thank you also for not shoving the organic coffee/hipster business down my throat or try to act cool and grow a mustache and then waxing the ends of it. Thank you for being just a regular guy with a job. I appreciate that. It makes me feel comfortable and, oddly, safe, like everything is going to turn out okay in the end.




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