Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Woman Interrupted While Thinking About Water

Mary was sitting by the window with a book in her lap. It was four in the afternoon and the children were still playing baseball down the hill beyond the barn. She could hear their voices yelling but then was not sure if the sound was real or imagined. She picked up the book and reached over to put it down on the table, knocking over a glass of water that had been on the edge. She turned to absently watch it spill on the floor. She did not feel like getting up. It would have to wait. She sat back and looked out the window, still thinking about Walt.

"Spray him in the head, Nellie! I'll hold him down," they were all screaming and laughing, even Walt, his arms were up to protect his face but he was laughing too. Nell sprayed the water with such force that it bounced off the side of his head and straight into Mary's face. They were all screaming. She jumped on Walt's back and wrapped her legs around his sides but he spun her off and went running down the hill. She followed and when he fell, she dropped to her knees and slid. He reached out and pulled her close and they laughed in each other's ears.

Look, you spilled.
"Oh...Yeah, I did," and she got up from her chair to get a towel.

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