Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Notebook Snap - #627: Infidelity

"I can't stand that guy".
Joe refused to look up.
"Steven. You know, Steven? What's his name again?"
"Steven Drinker", he said and turned the page of his newspaper. It rustled, and he cleared his throat.
"Is that his name?"
"My old boss? Is that who you're talking about? That Steven?"
"Yeah, Steven".
Joe looked up, suddenly curious. "Why are you pretending you don't know what his last name is?"
"I couldn't remember. Ugh, he was so awful. I can't stand to even think about him".
"Why are you then?"
"Why are you thinking about him?"
"I saw him outside the Coffee Bean with his mother".
"How did you know it was his mother?"
Her eyes flashed to Joe and then she looked down and walked back to the sink. "I met her once".
"You did? How?"
She turned on the water and started doing the dishes, " I don't know. I just did. It doesn't matter. She has Altzeimer's. She doesn't even know she has a face".
"What do you mean?"
"That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Steven. He's such asshole".
"I didn't realize you knew him well enough to think he was an asshole".
"How well do you need to know someone? They either are or they aren't".
Joe looked at her for a long time and then squinted his eyes, "It's kinda personal".
"Oh, for Christ".
"An asshole is what you call someone you know pretty well when you're mad at them".
"Oh my god", she started laughing, "You're being ridiculous".
"Am I?"
"You are so off base".
"I don't know that I am".
"You are. Trust me".
"That's an interesting choice of words".
She shook her head but still she wouldn't look up.
"I think I'm on to something".
"Don't be an--"
"I think I'm getting warm here".
"You are so not onto something".
"You are ice cold".
He stood and started walking towards her.
"You are standing in an ice field".

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