Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What About

I knew a guy named Jim who tried to rob a bank in Ohio with a kitchen knife. When I knew him, he was a student at an all-boys school, and so in my memory, he is always 15, in a jacket and tie, smiling with uncombed curly hair. I guess if you look at the map of this, if you want to gage the route from A to B, you can see that there were drugs involved, that probably somewhere after college and before Ohio there was a long sequence of drug fueled episodes, each one becoming more dark and depressing than the one before it; but still, I wonder if a fortune teller would have been able to see it coming. I never knew him well but I remember that he smoked a lot of pot and that he had a sister who we all knew for years before we found out she was his twin. His nickname was Tiger, a name that seemed silly and disconnected, even in ninth grade. My ex mother-in-law (before she was either an ex or my mother-in-law) once accused Jim of stealing a pair of slippers from under the Christmas tree. The whole story, that a (then 21 year-old) friend of her son, would steal an un-opened, still-wrapped box with some down-filled lady slippers was so silly and mockable that it became one of those stories that was filed under "ridiculous", until it was re-filed under "but what about".

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