Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bub and Mr. T

My step-father loved The A Team. For a few years in the 90s, it was on in syndication and he could watch it every weekday at 3:00. I’m pretty sure he planned his day around that show. He loved the army badasses who escaped from prison for a crime they didn’t commit and then went on to serve justice day after day. Bub was an army badass himself (out of 800 soldiers in his battalion in WWII only 3 came back), but he never talked about it and that's not why he was a fan of the show; the main reason he loved it, was Mr. T. He loved his I pity the fool attitude, he loved his gold medallions, his mohawk, everything. 

In the Bub file of my memory, I have a picture of him watching this show, laughing out loud and explaining to Harry(age 1) something funny that Mr T just said.

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