Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 I am curious about the differences between girls and boys. Things weigh differently on them. Recently I picked Harry up from his best friend's house where he had been for three days and two nights. His friend's mom said that after a day and a half they were fighting and arguing a lot so she made them play outside. On the way home, I asked Harry what he and Joseph fought about.
What were you and Joseph fighting about?
We didn't fight.
Oh, his Mom said you guys were picking on each other.
What? (he is seriously perplexed and a little tickled, as though I had said something like You have a tail growing out of your back.)

With Mo or Darla, I could have had the same conversation and they might have cried or said I hate her or, I'm never going there again. And we would have talked about it, or not, and when we got home, they might go to their room and talk to another friend about it and the whole digestion process would be  completely different.

It's weird how boys can be innocent because they don't examine things, and girls can be innocent because they do.

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