Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Few Things That Made Me say Seriously? and left me feeling deflated

A prescription that cost $300.
A letter from Harry's school saying there will be absolutely no slow dancing permitted at his 5th grade dance.
The person who wouldn't let me merge into their slow moving lane and instead stared straight ahead and pretended not to see me.
A pint of vegan ice cream that cost $18.
Vegan ice cream.
Starting to write a different post, running out of time and coming up with this idea.


  1. I'm certain that Harry can maintain fast dancing the entire night based on his performance at Mo's wedding. Did they say anything about the kids being able to wear a wig?

  2. It's true. I just hated that over-involved parents who apparently have never met a 10 year old boy felt the need to send out a mass letter. What 10 year old boy wants to slow dance?