Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Things That Make You Feel Like You're In A David Lynch Movie

(This is chapter 2 of an old post I wrote)

You walk into someone's office and the person behind the desk yells into the phone "Just tell him not to dilly-dally" and then slams it down and looks up at you sweetly, "Yes?"

The person seated at the table next to you is having a coughing fit and when the waitress whacks him on the back, the small face of a lady's watch flies out.

You are talking with a professor who is seated in front of 3 taxidermed crows. They are staring at you.

As your waitress stands beside your table reciting today's specials you notice she has a spot of blood on her shoe.

At a high-school football halftime you see a beautiful one-armed cheerleader twirling a baton.

The cop who has pulled you over bends to look in the back window and starts singing inky dinky spider to your crying baby in the back seat.

While you are cleaning out dried wood and debris from behind the garage, you find a wig half buried under the leaves.

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