Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RIP Paul Sally

Paul, our salamander, died last night. He lived 5 years which seems like a long time for someone to live in a tank. At least in our house. We had a funeral for him outside under the orange tree in the dark. There had been so much yelling while I was digging the hole, I thought Harry and Dar were going to get into a fist fight: Stop laughing. I'm not laughing. You're an idiot. I can't help it. He was my pet you stupid JERK. Mom, Harry almost swung that rake at my head. I should hit you in the face with it you stupid JERK. MOM!
Stop it stop it stop it. Let's just have peace for Paul.
He was a good guy.
RIP Paul, from the age of dinosaurs to a backyard  21st century and beyond.

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