Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Genetics of Bad Habits

Harry is writing another paper (and by Harry I mean I)...(and by is I mean am). This one is on religion in Ancient Egypt. I know it's not right, and possibly even damaging, and could very well tarnish his ability to get things done for the rest of his life, but what can I do? It's a five page paper due Friday. He's had the assignment since the first day back from Christmas break. They have only been allowed to work on it at school (to prevent parents from doing what I am about to do) but were able to bring it home to type it up. So far he has one page where he wrote that religion in Ancient Egypt is awesome and cool because the gods had crocodile heads and wolf heads.


If Harry's homework experience was a song, this would be the refrain.

I take out the three page explanation of the assignment. His teacher, who is amazing and thorough, and inspiring (and no I'm not brown-nosing)(tiny bit), has written in very simple but specific detail how to write this paper.

Har: Mom, I know what the assignment is.
Me: I know but just follow this... like a map... Do what it says.... He's breaking it down for you.
Har: Mom.

I leave him alone. I try to have faith. Before I leave, I pull up a few sites about religion in Ancient Egypt and tell him to have a look. When I return after 10 minutes he is watching videos of the Harlem Globetrotters.


I click on the first site after googling and I read the following:

Many aspects of Egyptian theology are elusive to modern researchers. This results from the fact that there was tremendous development of religious ideas throughout the 3,000 years of Egyptian civilization, yet few concepts were discarded; instead, they were layered upon each other in an ever more complex and seemingly convoluted manner.

Me: Huh?
Harry lays his head down on the table.
Me: Let's see. 3000 years, tremendous development but no concepts were discarded... hmmm, What do you think that means?
He grunts.
Me: What?
Harry: Nothing changes.
Me: Nothing changes, hmmm. Maybe it's--
Harry: I'm hungry.
Me: Okay let's take a little break.


  1. Ah, come on mom. You're doing his homework for him? I always told my kids that I went through school once and I wasn't about to do it again on their behalf. Tell him if he doesn't get his ass in gear, you're going to send him to Egypt where he can experience life and religion first hand. Toss him the front page of any newspaper.

  2. haha wow I'm taking a lot of crap today for this! I didn't write the paper but I did teach him how to be easily distracted, and why Goose is better than Meadowlark.