Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rolling and....ACTION

Sometimes I'll see a person and get it into my head that he is, without a doubt, a murderer, rapist and/or pedophile. Instantly I am a character in my own movie, watching the brief and completely innocent meeting between two people, interspersed with splashes of a scene of me lying in a hall way with my throat slit.

Is that weird?

Last night I saw a guy at around 8 pm walking up the hill from the back alley wearing an odd sort of hard hat with a light on the front, like a coal miner. He was carrying a heavy bag on his back and walking right towards me. It was so freaky he may as well have been wearing flippers or carrying a chainsaw. As he got closer I realized it was our mailman. But this was not a relief. It only seemed more odd and made me feel more suspicious. I couldn't help thinking our conversation was foreshadowing something dark and horrific.

Hey there, you're out late tonight.
Good thing you've got a headlight.
Okay, well, see you round.
I hope so.


I worry that I'm the only one who has this sort of insight: one that relies mostly on the time of day, the sound of footsteps, or the way a bag brushes across a hedge.

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