Monday, August 29, 2011

Becoming More Than One Person

I'm almost finished this book but I've put it down for the day because I don't want to finish it just yet. It's been like a friend that I'm not ready to say goodbye to. I had tooth pain this weekend and it was a good distraction. There's a part where the two brothers come upon this guy at the edge of the woods who is talking to himself. One of the brothers says, "He has been in the wilderness so long, he has become two people". I love how he put that. I think probably if you do anything for a long time, you become two people. I have never actually had a full on conversation with myself, although I guess writing comes pretty close, but I have definitely noticed that some of my exclamations (No! or Would you look at that) are out of my mouth before I realized they were coming. Then, if I am alone, my voice sits in the air like a stranger. If my kids are in the room, the reaction could be anything from nervous laughter to Idiot! to That's a shame. Depending on how many kids you have, you can become as many people.

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  1. If talking to yourself means beeing two or more persons than I'm definitley two if not three. I like the way he put it though. It's kind of true.