Friday, August 26, 2011

Things That Make Your Head Explode When Other People Do Them But Not When You Do Them

1. Write a blog.
2. Talk about your kids
3. Talk about celebrities.
4. Send an email asking for someone's address even though you asked for it last week but don't feel like scrolling back.
5. Talk about being sick.
6. Order food and tell the waitress exactly how it should be cooked.
7. Text while driving.
8. Don't let someone merge.
9. Beep and give the finger when they merge anyway.
10. Yell at your kids.
11. Chat with the bank teller/grocery store checkout person when there's a long line.
12. Put a glass down on a wood table without something underneath it.
13. Make a post on facebook about where you are or what you ate today. (or really just be on facebook period)
14. Explain your dog's behavior like you understand it.
15. Unwrap candy in the movie theater.
16. Forget to turn your phone off in the movie theater.
17. Make sounds while you are eating or drinking.
18. Fart in the car.
19. Leave your clothes on the floor.
20. Talk with the same accent as the person from another country that you're talking to.
21. Use the word rad.
22. Pick something out of your teeth (or any body part) and sniff it.
23. Clip your nails and let them fly off anywhere.
24. Leave dishes in the sink.
25. Act like you don't care.

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