Monday, August 15, 2011

Saved By Wikipedia

I just wanted to post a photo of the guy my son wants me to marry.
He says it at least once a day like he's just thought of it.
I think you should marry Shawn Michaels.
Really? I like the Rock though.
He doesn't fight anymore.
Even better!
But I think Shawn is more your type.
He's older.
But he spells his name wrong.
Sean is not meant to be spelled with an H-A-W in the middle.
Oh --Mom! It doesn't matter.
I think it does. I think it pretty much explains why I could never marry him.
Mom! Who cares?
You think I'm being snooty?
Well, he's also a born again Christian.
He really is.
Ugh! Come on!
Read it on Wikipedia.
I don't care about stupid wikipedia.
And he's married.
No he's not.
With two kids.
You know nothing.
I'm sorry Bubby, it's true. Plus he's too loud.
Ok How about Triple H?
I'll have to think about it.

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