Monday, March 19, 2012

At the Top

My street is on the top of a hill that the LA Marathon runners have to come up before turning down Bellevue to get to Sunset Blvd., the main stretch of the course. Some of them glide up it, others walk, some struggle, all of them are drenched with sweat. And it's still so early! I love to go out and cheer them on. I love it so much that I am able to completely block out the fact that I am by myself and if I saw me from across the street I might shake my head in pity and embarassment, who is that lonely weirdo?
Did you notice I said might?
Because really how could you not cheer these people on?
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! You got it! Looking good!!!!!!COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you're not going to run in the race, it can feel just as good to cheer for someone who is.

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