Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things I Believed At One Time or Another

When my cousin Geoff once told me that they were going to take the word gullible out of the dictionary, I said "Why????"

When I was 15, my friend Phil told me that if I wanted to get water from the tap to be really cold (or hot) all I had to do was tap it on the side a few times. (I did that until I was 30 or so).

When I was 11, my homeroom teacher told me that the reason that God let children die is because they would have been horrible, bad adults.

I forget how old I was, but I used to ride the train with this kid who told me he fell out of a second story window and would have broken his leg but on the way down his eyelid got hooked on a branch and he hung there until someone helped him get off.

In my 20s, my friend Jamie told me that you will break your big toe if you pull a hair off it.

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